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We are a national community driven marketplace of 2700+ career changers in tech hosted on slack.

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Get more leads, sort sales in one place and eliminate admin, because your day belongs to you.

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Keep track of everything at a glance with high-level, multi-project visibility.

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Automate and Grow: Eliminate busywork by automating repetitive administrative tasks.

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Where startups with vision, meet talent with hustle.

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"Thank you Tribaja for connecting me with The Cru — I was hired as a Senior Designer and so far it’s been an amazing experience!"

Nailey Nevarez
Senior Product Designer The Cru

"Great News, I got hired at SOCi. I found the opportunity in Tribaja and then I reached out to Shannon and she shared a direct Tribaja link to the hiring manager. I really appreciate your support. Thank you!!."

Tania Aparicio
Product Associate Soci

"Tribaja and Diversitech Summit has given me the opportunity to network with passionate individuals. I really liked being able to find a company that shares the same values as me."

Lynelle Chan
Data Migration Engineer Greenhouse Software

"Truly thankful for this community in helping me with my job search and connecting me to my first opportunity in tech."

Shenika Glover
Business Development Rep Intellum

"I found myself needing to connect with n expert during the interview process for my first choice company. Tribaja coached me all the way through to getting an offer letter."

Shurouq Osman
Sales Rep Indeed

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