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We waited until we could do it right.

What we do

Our Ethos

By combining the word "tribe" and "trabaja", the spanish word for work, Tribaja is a name that reflects the business shift into a community of people with an interest in tech & startup careers. At our core we will always serve our community through:

Genuine Connection

We connect our talent network of Black & Latinx folks to companies that are mission driven.


Diversity is a commitment that requires a tribe of supporters. We believe in leveraging collective genius to drive better results.


We empower our community by providing access to essential and technical skills training to be successful.

Why hire from Tribaja?

We help companies build a diverse tech pipeline so they can focus on their core business operations.

The Future

Black and Latinx talent are the top ethnic groups contributing to the growth in US population. Our talent network has a referral-to-hire rate of 73% with our clients.

Transferable Skills

Our talent pool has an average of 5 years work experience. They are career changers and experienced hires looking to transition into tech by leveraging their transferable skills.

Social Impact

Talent is equally distributed, but jobs are not. There are over 900,000 unfilled tech jobs and only 7% will be filled by Black and Latinx folks.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

We attract a tribe of talent that represents the future of work. Our goal is to build the next generation of equitable workplaces by tapping into startup ecosystems.