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How we find the right talent

Our Approach


We identify candidates through strong referral networks and our own rigorous assessment.


We our community with consistent support and career development to reach their next career goal.


We vet each engineer, leveraging our network from successful startups and tech organizations.


We share our candidates’ profiles with you so that you can find the right addition to your team.

Why hire from Tribaja?

We help companies build a diverse tech pipeline so they can focus on their core business operations.

The Future

Black and Latinx talent are the top ethnic groups contributing to the growth in US population. Our talent network has a referral-to-hire rate of 73% with our clients.

Transferable Skills

Our talent pool has an average of 5 years work experience. They are career changers and experienced hires looking to transition into tech by leveraging their transferable skills.

Social Impact

Talent is equally distributed, but jobs are not. There are over 900,000 unfilled tech jobs and only 7% will be filled by Black and Latinx folks.

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